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About River Realty - A description of the company, the realtors, our specialities, our accountability & our flexibility.

Agents - An overview of the real estate agents who comprise River Realty with an individual page describing their background and experience.

Buying a Home

Our Listings - An exhaustive visual description of each of the property listings currently for sale and available to buy.

Buying Guide - A detailed description of the process and steps a buyer experiences when purchasing a home. Sections include:

Getting Started - Selecting an Agent - First Look at Financing: the pre-approval process - Back with the Agent

Finding a House - House Hunting Quick Points - Understanding Value - Knowing the Right One

Negotiation - The Offer - Small Things - The Buyer’s Inspection - The Second Negotiation

Road to Closing - Back to Financing - Appraisal - Work Orders - Title Work - Buyer’s Responsibilities - Final Walk-Through

Selling a Home

Selling Guide - a tutorial selling guide explaining the home selling process to give you a personal explanation of how to sell your home most effectively and with the most reasonable expectations in today's market. Sections include:

Getting Started - Start With the Agent - Selecting an Agent - Market Analysis - Buying a Listing - Commissions - Buying a Listing - Commissions

Getting Ready - Listing Agreement - Agency - Preparing the House - Municipal Inspection - Staging - Seller’s Disclosure - Final Pricing - Seller’s Net Sheet

On the Market - Showings - Housekeeping - Open Houses - Advertising - Marketing to Agents - Agent Feedback - The Market Speaks

Negotiation - The Offer - Win-Win - Buyer’s Inspection - Second Negotiation

On to Closing - Title Work - Appraisal - Work Orders - Final Walk-Through - Closing

Custom Search

Custom Search - An exhaustive visual description of each of the property listings currently for sale and available to buy.

Favorite Neighborhoods - a map of houses currently for sale by Minneapolis and St. Paul neighborhoods using metro-wide real estate areas.


Sitemap - This table of contents page.

Search This Site - A general search function to find information on this website.

Contact Us - a secure contact messaging form for your convenience to post inquiries to us.

Privacy Policy - our commitment to you to keep your personal information confidential.

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