Buying a Home - River Realty Buying Guide

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Whether you’re a homeowner already, or just beginning to look for the first time, you can find useful buyer’s information nearly everywhere these days. Numerous consumer-oriented websites are chock full of specific info about selecting an agent, finding a house that’s right for you, negotiating, financing, closing and moving.  All this detail can sometimes make the process seem more daunting than it really is. But we recommend that you read as much as you can bear, since we’ve found that smarter clients make our job easier!

Minneapolis house interiorWhat we want to do in this section is to show you the buying process as it happens in the real world, and particularly when you work with River Realty.  We’ve consciously avoided the long lists of details you might see on other sites; instead we’ve tried to give a sense of the actual experience, along with lots of buying tips and our inevitable opinions.  We'll try to avoid the obvious and the banal (“the most important investment you’ll ever make,” for instance) but sometimes it just slips out…

Be warned, this is a big subject and a long read: some (especially our competitors) might say it’s best kept as a sleep aid on the nightstand. And for that purpose you can print a PDF above.  But if you want to forge ahead, we’ve broken it down into less formidable Homebuying Process topic areas (in the sidebar at right).