Pat Rosaves

Pat RosavesAfter many years in the real estate profession, with nearly 1800 houses sold, you'd think Pat might lose a little zest for the process. Not a bit. She's just as happy to greet a new face, or make a new friend, as she's ever been. Of course, the market has changed often over the years, and Pat has adjusted right along with it, selling more homes in Longfellow since 1990 than any other real estate agent.

Pat's success is a product of her ability to see the clear path to her client's goal. She knows the inspectors, appraisers, workpeople and lenders who make a transaction happen. Her years of experience take the mystery away, and she cares enough about her clients to tell them the truth. She has never "bought" a listing, or tried to shoehorn buyers into a house that was wrong for them.

Pat knows her first responsibility is to her own clients. She will always make time to answer your questions, and to provide the level of service you'd expect from one of the Twin Cities' top professionals.