Here's what Pat's clients say about her!

Pat Rosaves"I bought my house from Pat over eight years ago, but the service never stops! I've called upon her many times for advice on repairs and remodeling, and for contractors she knows. She's a great local resource." 
- Kathy

"We asked Pat to find us a rare property, and she did it! She really knows the area, and the people around here know she's honest and professional. That opens a lot of doors for her clients, and it gave us a chance to get the house we wanted." - Don, Howard, Eva, and friend Jamie

"We were apprehensive about selling our little house after Pat found us a larger home in the neighborhood, but she helped us with ideas to make our old house more appealing, and took responsibility in ways that made the whole process less worrisome. We knew she really cared about how the sale went for us, and by the end it all seemed fairly easy. Even the closing was fun!" - Hugh, Fariba, Daria, Sadaf

"When we needed a larger house but wanted to stay in the area, we naturally thought of Pat. She helped us organize our ideas into a plan of action, from preparing our old house for sale to lining up financing for our new house. She's a relaxed professional who let us feel we could call whenever we had questions, and she's stayed available in the years since we moved." - David, Amy, Madeline, Max, and friend Zeke

"We bought our first house from Pat at a time when, as graduate students, we didn’t even think we could afford one!  She helped to demystify the process for us by walking us through every step, from finding an affordable inspector to obtaining a mortgage to filing for homestead taxes.  So we knew just who to call when it was time to move to a larger house:  Pat and Susan made the process of selling our house easy and stress-free, giving us advice on the things we needed to do to make our house more marketable.  Dan even helped with repairs!  Then, in a tight housing market, Pat and Susan managed to find us an affordable house with all the size and charm we wanted.  Since the move, we’ve called on them many times for do-it-yourself tips and names of quality craftspeople.  Needless to say, we’ve recommended River Realty to all our friends who are looking for houses in the area." - Vinnie and Rebecca

"When you talk to Pat, she really listens!  We found that out the easy way a few years ago, when she found just the right house for us.  She took care of the details with professional skill, keeping us informed and always looking out for our interests in the transaction.  We know we couldn’t have made a better choice for a Realtor.  We have recommended her to many of our friends!" - Cheryl and Jonathan

"After my mother died I asked Pat to help me sell the house I had grown up in. I could see that she thought of me as a person, not just some customer. She made sure that the timing was right for me, and she took lots of time to explain exactly what was going to happen next. She even helped me move. You need to have an agent like Pat, who you can trust."
 - Lory

"As first-time buyers entering this intense seller's market, we were concerned about the daunting process. We were very fortunate that we called River Realty. Pat provided us with pervasive knowledge of neighborhood and house alike. She balanced her considerable experience with a casual, comfortable style and an amicable attitude. Her rapport with the sellers and her reputation with our lender all made the process surprisingly smooth. As life-long Minneapolis residents, we had hoped to someday reside in Seward. Pat and River Realty made our hopes a reality." 
- Daniel and Kym

"We couldn't have done it without Susan and Pat! Susan identified our house-to-be the first day it went on the market - it would have come and gone under our noses without her on the task. In a fast-paced bidding process on an under-priced house, we came in with the lowest of three bids... yet we got the house. Susan deserves all the credit: her unconventional ideas (have the house inspected before making an offer; include a letter of interest "from the heart" along with our bid) worked wonders, and the seller gave us the chance to match the highest bid.
When it came time to sell our house, Pat helped us identify what was keeping buyers at bay. Pat knew when to take the house off the market, how to get the repairs done over a holiday weekend (thanks, Dan!), and how to get it back on the market prepped to sell in a day. We were all-around amazed at their real estate smarts and professional service that took the edge off this potentially stressful time. Thanks to their teamwork, we're living in the house that's right for us!"
- Mark, Jill, Sophie and Claudia, Ashland Avenue