What more of Michele's Clients Say...

MicheleWiegand"We are thankful to Michele for helping us find a house for our daughter this summer. Our daughter was moving back to the twin cities for grad school after teaching for three years in Louisiana. We thought buying a little house instead of paying rent for more years would make financial sense, as well as encourage her to stick around after she got her degree! When we vaguely described what we were looking for, she interpreted our requirements so well that we ended up buying the first house she showed us. Our daughter is very happy with the house and neighborhood and being able to bike to the University. Michele was such a good partner in the process." - Joel and Teresa

"It was a pleasure working with Michele. Like my friend Kathy said, "I liked her from the moment I met her." The same goes for Miguel and I. She was a fantastic hand holder, guiding us through such a big transition and fully uncharted territory. We appreciate the care and patience she shared with us without making us feel pressured in the least. We also very much appreciated her timeliness in communication despite my "off" schedule with late night and weekend email. Above all It brought great peace of mind to know we were working with someone who had values similar to ours. I think the people who choose the big box approach really truly miss out. We appreciate Michele taking such good care of us." - Cassie and Miguel

"I really liked the fact that Michele thoroughly explained the home-buying process to me and she was patient enough to write multiple offers and allowed me to make my own decision on pricing and the offer details. It was important to me that my real estate agent and mortgage banker were women so that I could feel listened to and heard and not pressured into a decision. I liked that she was willing to bike to look at house showings with me, even though maybe it meant she had to spend extra time at the showings and organizing her schedule differently. I liked that Michele helped organize the tree blossoming party along her avenue because it showed she is invested in creating a sense of community in her neighborhood.  I liked that I could leverage her master gardener expertise when we were looking at the backyard garden potential of house lots." - Amie

"Michele guided us step-by-step through the challenging and sometimes overwhelming process of selling and buying a home. Her local experience was key to helping our family find a new home close to our old home so we could stay close to schools and friends. Michele patiently answered our many questions, listened to our needs and wants and helped us find the perfect home for our family. We loved working with Michele." - Carmen and Jacques

"Michele Wiegand is my favorite realtor, and I'll tell you why. Though my situation was complicated and the sales climate in Longfellow was very challenging this fall, she helped me land an affordable home that is perfect for me and my family."

"During my house-hunting process, Michele was practical and frank while thinking strategically and working in a very creative manner; she demonstrated good personal boundaries and excellent emotional intelligence; she proved that she truly knows the area as well as anyone."

"Michele treated me like a valued client despite my modest purchase budget. She was a responsive advisor, in person, via email and even through text messages. I strongly recommend Michele Wiegand because of what she does and how she does it." - Rick